At PAMO FIT I aim to deliver tailored goal based treatment.  Every session starts with a short interview about your particular complaints, goals and expectations.  Together we agree on the short and long term goals for your treatment so that we can work as a team to meet them.  Because everyone is different and every goal is specific, no two sessions are the same.  The common thread amongst all treatments is that we focus not only on the symptoms but on the root cause of the issue so as together we can achieve real and lasting results.  By addressing both elements and with the right homecare we can fix the problem and even more importantly help prevent re-injury.

Your treatment can consist of one or many of the following depending on what we are trying to achieve:

      ~   Biomechanical Assessment
      ~   Sports Massage
      ~   CORE Bodywork 
      ~   Medical Acupuncture
      ~   Be Activated (Douglas Heel)
      ~   Neuromuscular Techniques
      ~   Muscle Energy Techniques 
      ~   Trigger Point Therapy
      ~   Kinesio & Myofascial Taping
      ~   Injury Treatment 
      ~   Rehabilitation
      ~   Myofascial Release
      ~   Soft Tissue Release
      ~   Deep Tissue Massage
      ~   Functional Stretching
      ~   Instrument Assisted Massage

I treat a whole range of soft tissue conditions including but not limited to:

      ~  Postural Issues
      ~  Muscular Aches & Pains
      ~  Surgical Scar Release
      ~  Tennis Elbow
      ~  Golfers Elbow
      ~  Runners Knee
      ~  Plantar Fasciitis
      ~  Lower Back Pain
      ~  Hamstring Strain
      ~  Arthritis Pain Relief
      ~  IT Band Syndrome
      ~  Neck Pain/Stiffness
      ~  Carpal Tunnel Symdrome
      ~  Frozen Shoulder
      ~  Rotator Cuff Injuries
      ~  Pregnancy & Post Natal Soft Tissue Complaints
      ~  C – Section Scar Release
      ~  Diastasis Recti, Treatment & Rehabilitation


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