Retrain Your Pain System

Pain is an amazing, fascinating and complex protection mechanism that has helped keep humans alive and evolving over the millennia. But sometimes pain can be unhelpful.

Pain is always an output of the brain. Your brain is constantly receiving information, processing it, deciding what action is needed and sending the response back to the body. Pain is one of those responses. This is great when we place our hand on a hot stove, or tear a muscle, break a bone…. as it alerts us to the danger and helps us change our behaviour to avoid it and minimise damage. But sometime the brain perceives danger when there isn’t any danger? This video my Lorimer Moseley who I have had the pleasure of learning from helps explain what might be going on:

How Can I help Your Persistent Pain?

Persistent pain is defined as pain that has hung around for 3 months or more. Often it can start with an injury or trauma, but as the tissues heal the pain remains.

Your brain still perceives danger. The actions you take, the movements you make, the thoughts you may have may send these perceived message of danger (DIMS – danger in me) to the brain. I can work with you to help understand what these might be and we can start working on creating Safety for your body (SIMS – safety in me). SIMS can be things like massage, that makes the brain and body feel soothes, stretches, movements, mindfulness…… the list goes on. Soon when the SIMS out weigh the DIMS your pain may feel very different, or even go.

If you would like me to work with you on your pain then please book a 60 minute Sports Massage appointment and we will start our work together.

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