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Power, performance and consistency. Whether you are an elite athlete, amateur sports man or simply want to be able to train consistently then soft tissue work can play a significant part in your programme.

One of the big benefits of massage is it helps to increase range of motion, more range to move through – more power to be had. I see it in clinic all the time where a golfers distance in prohibited by their inability to gain full range of motion on their back swing. Increase range, increase distance.

On the other hand take the power lifter who cannot get tot he bottom of a squat when their arms are above their head. Thoracic & shoulder mobility are key to be able to perform overhead squats and snatches with good form, good form equals more power.

In many elite sporting settings soft tissue work has been used to reduce injury and bench time. This means more players available for selection leading for a more consistent, stronger team.

Another key feature is that sports massage elicits a relaxation response which can help with the stress of competition, daily life and also with overall sleep and well-being.

What is involved in your session?

We start every treatment with a deep screening. One to ensure soft tissue work is suitable for you, and two to understand your needs, your sport and your goals.

Next I will perform a number of bio-mechanical assessments that marry with your activities and goals. Based on our findings we will then work together to create a treatment and home-care plan that will help meet your performance needs,

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