I offer a number of specific programmes specifically for Women:

Pregnancy Massage 

  • A full body massage to alleviate pain, swelling and stiffness in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.
  • Ideal for lower back pain, sore feet and aching bodies.
  • Specific work on SIJ dysfunction and Pelvic Instability where required.
  • Stretch and exercise prescription to help target the aches that come with carrying a bump around for nine months!

Post Natal Massage

  • No one told you holding you baby, picking up your baby would cause such pain and stiffness!  This is ideal to keep you pain free and functioning so as you can get on with being Mum.
  • Helping to restore your posture to your pre-pregnancy state I target the muscles that have become locked short in the previous nine months along with the adjustments that come with having your new baby.
  • Your session will be tailored to your personal and specific needs.

C-Section Scar Release

  • Mobilising your C-Section Scar is key to rehabilitating you post-natally.  All the stretching int he world will not release your lower back if you are locked down by your scar in the abdomen.
  • We will gently find where your scar is stuck and gently release the surrounding connective tissues to start opening you up restoring your posture and most importantly restoring your function.
  • In addition we will look at what you can do to help your healing from nutrition to rest to get you back to you best.
  • Read more here on the importance of C-Section Recovery:

Tummy Gap (Diastasis Recti) Rehabilitation

  • Restoring strong function to your core following diastasis recti is not a one size fits all solution, we need to look at your specific case.  Are your ribs flaring and pulling on the abdominals?  Over Active Obliques?  Or has posture changed in a way that means you cannot engage your abdominals effectively?
  • I will assess your posture and bio-mechanics and start releasing the muscles necessary to allow you to engage your core effectively.
  • Working with the breath both during the treatment and when you are at home we will start to restore your function.