Testimonial for the Everywoman Holistic Core Restore® course for Naomi who was 3 months postnatal:

Holistic Core Restore® Testimonial – Naomi

‘My 19 year old daughter had a painful hip for 5 months and then a painful knee problem.  She saw 3 private consultants for her hip, spine and knee and had a few sessions of physiotherapy without any noticeable improvement.  She was due to travel to USA and needed more treatment – we discovered Pentony and had a 45 minute consultation and she concluded that her problem was due to poor posture.  She treated the knee with massage and taping (there was fluid around the tendons) and 5 days later another massage and taping session (which helped her on the flight). She also gave her various daily exercises to do. Two weeks later her knee recovered and she was back playing tennis 5 hours a day with her hip much improved too.  My daughter is studying Sports Therapy at University College Birmingham and she’s even keener now to pursue this as a career following Pentony’s accurate and thorough assessment.’

– Christine, Loughton

‘Just a quick note to say that since you “balanced” my body no more pain – can side bend so much easier and have added 15 yards to my iron distance. As a PGA Professional I will be putting all my students with body alignment issues in touch with you.’

– Andy Traynor, PGA Fellow Professional

‘Following a number of sporting accidents over the years, I have various joint problems, the most problematic being my knees which are now very arthritic. As a keen squash and tennis player, I was very frustrated that I was unable to play more than once a week due to severe stiffness after matches. My knee problems have also led to lower back stiffness, hip pain and sore muscles and  ligaments. In addition to this I had started to develop tennis elbow, but I love my racket sports and didn’t want to give up.

Pentony started treating me once a week and I very quickly felt an improvement, with increased mobility and reduced pain. The tennis elbow has completely cleared up, and Pentony has given me exercises to do in the event it reappears. We have now moved into a maintenance phase for my lower body, and I am delighted to be able to play racket sports several times a week again. I was amazed at the positive effect that soft tissue therapy could have on problems caused by an orthopaedic condition. She’s given me a whole new lease of life.’

– Carey, Loughton

‘After recovering from a long term achilles injury and having to give up my favourite sport  – squash, I stated increasing my workout routines at the gym which led to me starting to develop a sharp pain around my right knee.  I sought out Pentony’s help and after a thorough examination she was able to pinpoint the exact problem and started treating the outside of my right thigh which was causing the problem.  Within a few weeks and following the rehabilitation exercises set by Pentony, the pain in my knee started to subside.  I am now pain free and the great news is that I have not had to reduce my gym routine.  I am now seeking Pentony’s help with my tight neck and upper traps that are causing tension headaches.’

– Eunice, Wanstead

‘I am a keen squash player and when I cracked my femur in March and had 3 pins inserted I wondered if I would ever play again.  However I am lucky enough to be one of Pentony’s patients and she worked with me to help build up my muscles and my flexibility and by the summer I was able to get on court again.

It was a great achievement on her part as I’m not young!’

– Liz, Chigwell