Sports massage therapy can make a significant difference to an athletes performance regardless of level.  When used as part of a balanced training regime it can be used in many ways to achieve a greater performance.  At its most basic level soft tissue therapy can increase circulation, reduce tension and prevent DOMs/stiffness,which in turn reduces your recovery time.

When used alongside an understanding of the mechanics of the sport soft tissue work can be even more powerful, making a real difference to your performance.  Take the golfer who struggles to rotate through their back swing, resulting in a weak downswing that never quite goes far enough down the fairway.  By using a variety of techniques to increase flexibility of key muscles while maintaining strength we can work together to get you that extra distance.  This principle can be applied to any sport, you are stronger in balance!

At a professional level I work with both you and your coach to understand your goals and aspirations.  Together we can create a treatment plan that compliments your training plan to take you to the next level.

Whatever your level, get in touch to find out what I can do for you and your own personal performance goals.
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