Effective Soft Tissue Work in Pregnancy

A soft tissue session designed to release all those pregnancy hot spots. If you have tried other massage and felt that it didn’t quite ‘hit the spot’ then this one is for you.

By understanding the bio-mechanical and physiological changes that occur as your pregnancy progresses, I will ensure that we get the depth you need and the releases to the areas that will really help you feel lighter and to move with ease.

Calves softened, lower back eased, feet that melt to the ground and banishing that stiff neck!

With expert knowledge on lower back pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction and pelvic pain we can also work to improve your pain levels with hands on work, taping, home care releases and exercises to help keep you strong.

Kinesiology Taping in Pregnancy

Research has shown that the use of Kinesiology taping in pregnancy can help reduce pain. I offer kinesiology taping tailored to your individual needs if you need some additional support during this time. This will be integrated into your treatment and will be at no additional cost if required. I can also show you how to apply it for yourself to give you more self care techniques you can use.

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