Having played competitive sport from a young age I know first-hand how important it is to be in shape to allow you to both play and feel your best.  Progressing from the tennis court to the office I also realised that sport aside, being pain and stiffness free was key to day to day living and to feeling happy and relaxed.  This led me train for a BTEC  Level 5 Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage to bring my interests and desire to help people together.

My aim is that when a new or regular client comes to see me that while treating the injury or area of stiffness/discomfort, I also focus on the root cause of the problem and simultaneously rectify any imbalance to prevent re-injury.  My private client base ranges from pregnant women to office workers and golfing professionals.

I have a keen interest in golf and specialise in improving golfers performance by working alongside their coach to understand the biomechanics of their swing.  Once we understand how their body is functioning and how their body needs to function to achieve the results they desire I can work with the client to release the potential in their golf swing.  

When I am not in clinic I work as an assistant tutor for the North London School of Sports Massage (www.nlssm.com).  I love working with students as they challenge our thinking constantly on the latest research and techniques.  Working alongside some of the leaders in the industry affords me the opportunity to continue my professional development by learning from some of the best minds in the business ensuring keeping my treatment approach fresh.