Pelvic Floor & Core Strengthening Programme

Do you suffer from stress incontinence – leaking when you run, jump, sneeze or laugh? Do you have a mild pelvic organ prolapse? Do you feel your pelvic floor is just not the same as it used to be?

Pelvic floor issues are too common, as you can see from the stats below you are not along, many of your friends may have similar issues but maybe do not talk about them?

Well I believe its time to not just talk about them, it is time to SHOUT about them, and to SHOUT about how Education, Nutrition and Movement can make a difference .

The Good News Is Pelvic Floor Exercise Works!

Research has shown that Pelvic Floor Exercise does work! It can resolve urinary incontinence, alleviate your symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse and also help relieve back pain .

But do you know what you are doing when it comes to this type of exercise?

Yes it starts with a Kegel, or Pelvic Floor Squeeze . That is step 1 . But are you clear on how you go from this isolated exercise to ensuring that that you can build functional strength so that you can do all the things you want without worrying about aggravating your symptoms or leaking?

Over the course of this 6 week programme I will educate you on Core and Pelvic Floor . How your breath plays a key part in stimulating this synergistic relationship and get your moving with confidence.

The Programme

The Pelvic Floor & Core Programme runs over 6 consecutive weeks . It starts with a deep screening to ensure Pelvic Floor Strengthening is right for you . We then start with a 90 minute session to do a deep assessment of your posture, movement & breathing patterns followed by soft tissue work to help get your body into an optimal position for firing up your core . We will also look to establish the core connection between your breathing, core and pelvic floor.

This is then followed by 5 60 minute movement sessions where we progressively get you from that Kegel to functional movement with confidence in a safe environment. This programme is only run on a 1-1 basis so as I can tailor it exactly for your individual needs.

What is Included?

Your course investment is £390 and includes the following:

  • 90 minute assessment and soft tissue session
  • 5*60 minute movement sessions
  • Online access to homecare videos
  • Online access to a Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise Plan
  • All home exercise kit included

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