Releasing & Reconnecting Your Core

There are many types of hysterectomy and various surgicial procedures to perform these procedures. You may have had for example a total abdominal hysterecotmy with a large scar or you may have had a laparoscopic procedure which may have left a small scar on the skin.

What you cannot tell from looking at the surface level of scaring is how your tissues have healed beneath the skin. You may have some scar tissue or adhesion’s that are causing pull, puckering, overhang, restriction or pain. Sometimes these adhesion’s can lead to difficulties in connecting with your core, changing how you move and leading to things like back pain.

Over this 3 session programme, I aim to help you understand more about your healing and stages of recovery.

Scar Release

Every programme starts with soft tissue work. In this initial 90 minute session we will go through a deep screening of your current and past medical history. I will assess your movement, posture and scar. We will then spend the session releasing any tension caused by the scar and any compensation patters that are hindering your core re-conncetion. This will leave you better able to recruit your abdominal muscles safely.

The process of laying down and strengthening scar tissue takes 18-24 months so scar release is most effective in this time frame. Even if your scar is much older than this we can make a difference to how it looks, feels and moves so do get in touch.


In session 1 we will also start to reconnect your core using breath and visualisation. If we can kick start that natural synergy between your breath and your core we are a huge step forwards in getting your core strong.

Over the remaining 2 sessions we will focus on movement but will use some hands on work where required to get you from lying down, to sitting up, to standing and finally moving with a strong core connection.

We need to gradually increase your strength in the core to be able to withhold abdominal pressure well so as to help prevent pelvic floor problems, back pain or indeed aggravating your abdominal wall.

Return to Exercise

The overall goal of this programme is to get you back to the exercise you love to do. With this in mind we will tailor each movement session to meet your goal and ensure that the exercises we focus on will keep your pelvic floor and core strong for the things you love to do.

Sometimes additional sessions are required or desired depending on your individual needs but we will tailor a programme to suit you as we go.

What does the programme include?

  • 90 minute initial assessment and soft tissue session
  • 2 * 60 minute movement and release sessions Ideally 2 weeks apart
  • All home exercise kit required
  • Video support for performing the key re – connection exercises
  • Your Investment for this package is £210

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