Knee Pain: A Complex Problem to Solve

It is not uncommon for a client to turn up at my door and state they have been told by friends, colleagues, team mates and sometimes other therapists that they have ‘Runners Knee’ and don’t know what to do about it.  ‘Jumpers… Read More

Following the Foot Trail: Look Local, Think Global

Feet.  Something I avoided for years given a propensity to tickley feet myself and just simply blocking them from my mind.  It’s over the last 12-18 months that I have become OBSESSSED with feet.  They tell us so much about the story… Read More

‘How Long to Heal?’ Part II: The Type of Injury

Now that we have established that your injury needs to go through a number of stages and processes to heal the next step is to establish is the type of injury.  There are two aspects that I will consider here ‘What tissue… Read More

Freeing Fascia: The Massage Connection

‘Fascia’, if you haven’t heard of it, take note as it is the big thing in ‘Soft Tissue’ these days.  What is this stuff dubbed ‘The Cinderella’ tissue by Dr Schleip and how does it impact how we treat clients as massage… Read More

Injuries: How long to heal? Part I: The Stages of Healing

The dreaded question we face as therapists – ‘How long to heal?’.  It is not because we don’t want to commit to a timeline but it is because there are so many variables to healing time that it truly is like asking… Read More

Dynamic Stretching: Miguel Angel Jimenez, Mad Man or Genius?

After a thoroughly enjoyable weekend of golf watching, I thought I would take inspiration from The Masters for this week’s blog.  The subject of this tale I hear you ask?  Miguel Angel Jimenez or “The Mechanic” as he is fondly known.  Whether… Read More

Sit Less & Breathe More: Breathing Yourself a Better Body

Breathing, the essence of life.   Oxygen fuels every fibre of our body, but are you getting enough oxygen to make your body as strong and as healthy as it can be? A core element of our training as Sports & Remedial Massage… Read More

Nutrition for Healing – Food for Thought?

Nutrition is not something I have thought in depth about when it comes to treating my clients.  Yes I cover the basics and understand the main things to consider but at a detailed level I simply haven’t gotten that far.  Just before… Read More

Carl Watts – The Experient Session 2

It had been a week since I saw Carl and I was keen to get a little deeper in this session so we can start making headway in his realignment.    Our priority in today’s session is to continue work on correcting the… Read More

Carl Watts – The Experiment Session 1

Today I met Carl Watts for the first time and what a treat that was!  Carl is a friendly, enthusiastic man who is truly motivated to achieve his goal on getting that tour card back. We started with a full bio-mechanical assessment…. Read More