Fascia: Finding your ‘Unique’ Myofascial Line

We have talked about Fascia, our connective tissue a lot over the last few months and I hope you all have an appreciation as to how key it is in the process of well-being, healing and injury prevention.  That is all well and good but given that Fascia is everywhere and around everything how do we release it?  In such an endless web where does one begin?  How do we know where in the body a restriction of this Fascia is impacting on a current problem?  Bring forward the sterling work of Tom Myers who so succinctly outlines how are muscles connect through fascia to form our ‘Anatomy Trains’.

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‘How Long to Heal?’ Part II: The Type of Injury

Now that we have established that your injury needs to go through a number of stages and processes to heal the next step is to establish is the type of injury.  There are two aspects that I will consider here ‘What tissue is damaged?’ and ‘How badly is it damaged?’.

‘What’ you have damaged makes a significant difference to healing time whether it is muscle, tendon or ligament can be the difference in weeks and months when it comes to healing: Continue reading ‘How Long to Heal?’ Part II: The Type of Injury