Power Tennis, the ‘Grunt’ and your Core

After a thrilling day at Wimbledon on Friday, my own little tennis ‘victory’ and some pretty tender ribs for the last week, I have been inspired to think about why my ribs hurt, why we ‘Grunt’ under pressure and how we can… Read More

Dynamic Stretching: Miguel Angel Jimenez, Mad Man or Genius?

After a thoroughly enjoyable weekend of golf watching, I thought I would take inspiration from The Masters for this week’s blog.  The subject of this tale I hear you ask?  Miguel Angel Jimenez or “The Mechanic” as he is fondly known.  Whether… Read More

The Experiment: Goodbye and Hello

I am sorry to hear that Carl Watts has decided to step down from the Experiment.  On the positive side though I am very glad to hear that he has decided to do so to spend more time with his family.  I… Read More

Carl Watts – The Experient Session 2

It had been a week since I saw Carl and I was keen to get a little deeper in this session so we can start making headway in his realignment.    Our priority in today’s session is to continue work on correcting the… Read More

Golf – A Story of Balance

Many sports while keeping us fit and active also cause imbalance in our body.  In many of the clients I see it appears none more so than golf.  Maybe it’s that the typical golfer tends to be a little obsessive with the… Read More

Getting More ‘Pop’ in the Park

Today I walked through the first frost in Epping Forest, the sun was shining and the skies were blue.  I love when the weather turns as it means the ski season is nearly upon us! It is also the time that the… Read More