Fascia: Finding your ‘Unique’ Myofascial Line

We have talked about Fascia, our connective tissue a lot over the last few months and I hope you all have an appreciation as to how key it is in the process of well-being, healing and injury prevention.  That is all well and good but given that Fascia is everywhere and around everything how do we release it?  In such an endless web where does one begin?  How do we know where in the body a restriction of this Fascia is impacting on a current problem?  Bring forward the sterling work of Tom Myers who so succinctly outlines how are muscles connect through fascia to form our ‘Anatomy Trains’.

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RESEARCH REVIEW: Massage & Osteoarthritis of the Knee

As featured in the NLSSM Newsletter:

It has long been proven that prescribed exercise is beneficial to individuals suffering with Osteoarthritis of the knee.  Generally when talking to people with this condition, they will gladly demonstrate the various exercises they have been working on to keep the knee mobile and to help reduce pain, but what happens when this relief starts to wear off and the pain starts to creep back?  Is there anything else that can be done? 

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a condition where the cartilage within the joint has been damaged or worn away due to wear, tear and overuse.  With these compromised articulating surfaces the knee can become stiff, swollen and painful.  The bones of the joint can thicken along with the ligaments of the joint capsule affecting movement to an even greater level.   At its worst movement at the joint can be completely restricted, I can remember one particular client who presented with a completely straight leg with no flexion available at all! 

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Injuries: How long to heal? Part I: The Stages of Healing

The dreaded question we face as therapists – ‘How long to heal?’.  It is not because we don’t want to commit to a timeline but it is because there are so many variables to healing time that it truly is like asking
‘How long is a piece of string?’.  To go some way to helping you understand the process and what you can do help the body along I have written a three piece blog on Injuries.


  • Part I:  The Stages of Healing
  • Part 2:  The Type of Injury
  • Part 3:  Your Impact on Healing

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