Movement: Fascia and Function in Soft Tissue Therapy

The world of Soft Tissue Therapy has moved forward at a startling pace over the last decade with more and more people realising the virtue of its benefits.  With this appreciation of the modality comes a more educated and demanding client who… Read More

Achilles Problem? Hard work pays off!

If you don’t know where your Achilles tendon is, then count yourself lucky as if you have had a problem with it you would know ALL about it.  I find Achilles tendonopathies to be quite common place, but rarely is it the… Read More

Muscular Strain: Going Beyond DOMS

When do you cross the line from Muscular Fatigue, to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and sometimes jump right in to Muscular Strain?  We have all had muscular fatigue, when you simply cannot complete that final rep.  Nothing left in the tank… Read More

To Stretch or not to Stretch? The Benefits of the ‘RIGHT’ Stretching.

I only have to bring up the word ‘stretching’ with some of my colleagues in the therapeutic and fitness industry to generate lively debate.  Something that we have all thought was a good thing to do is now in question.  Truth be… Read More

Calf Strain: Bent Leg Rehab or Straight?

One of the most common complaints I see in my clinic, are clients hobbling in with calf strain.  Sometimes they really felt it go, and other times they were just waiting for a tennis ball at the net and felt sudden weakness… Read More

Injuries: Ice or Heat?

A question I am asked all the time is when something hurts should you use ‘Ice or Heat?’.  As always the answer is – it depends…… Ice   When you initially strain a muscle or sprain ligaments or tendons there are tears… Read More

How Long to Heal?’ Part III: ‘You’ Harnessing Your Intrinsic Ability to Heal

And so we come to the final installment, although in writing this I feel this should have been Part 1 given how critical it is to healing and that is how what you put in your body dictates not only the length… Read More

Injuries: How long to heal? Part I: The Stages of Healing

The dreaded question we face as therapists – ‘How long to heal?’.  It is not because we don’t want to commit to a timeline but it is because there are so many variables to healing time that it truly is like asking… Read More

Muscle Imbalance: The ‘Long’ and the ‘Short’ of it.

Ever had an ache, pain or strain that no matter how much you stretch it out doesn’t seem to disappear?  Well you certainly are not the first or even last person who has expressed this frustration to me followed quickly by ‘Can… Read More

Sit Less & Breathe More: Breathing Yourself a Better Body

Breathing, the essence of life.   Oxygen fuels every fibre of our body, but are you getting enough oxygen to make your body as strong and as healthy as it can be? A core element of our training as Sports & Remedial Massage… Read More