Is your Posture causing you more than just a pain in the neck?

If you read my blogs then you are no stranger to postural imbalance and the problems it can lead to.  Desk neck, phone wrist and driving shoulder are all common complaints these days.   I think we are probably all agreed that when… Read More

One Leg Longer than the Other?

Many clients come to me with this issue but it’s rarely because their leg is physically longer and it’s something we straighten up pretty quickly. This is a thoughtful article on the issue and might be a useful explanation for you:

Carl Watts – The Experiment Session 1

Today I met Carl Watts for the first time and what a treat that was!  Carl is a friendly, enthusiastic man who is truly motivated to achieve his goal on getting that tour card back. We started with a full bio-mechanical assessment…. Read More

One of the most common complaints that I see at my clinic is Tennis Elbow, clinically know as ‘Lateral Epicondylitis’. Now don’t be fooled, it is not only tennis players who suffer with this sharp pain on the outside of their elbow,… Read More