Those who know me from my clinic will know how passionate I am about getting our bodies aligned so that they can resist the strains and pressures of our active lives, keeping us feeling well and pain free.  It is especially the… Read More

Not a day goes by in my clinic where I don’t see clients presenting with pain or injury which is caused by an imbalance in their body.  Whether that be from sitting all day, repetitive daily activities or the demands of their… Read More

I had the pleasure of spending a day with Claire Robertson the Consultant Physiotherapist at Wimbledon Clinics yesterday focusing on Patellofemoral Pain, the potential causes and rehabilitation.  You can read Claire’s biography here but it is safe to say she knows her stuff… Read More

The Ankle Series: Floppy Ankles, Sore Shins? Maybe it is Time for a Rethink!

Floppy ankles… I see them on an almost daily basis, calves so tight that as soon as my clients lay down on the treatment table their ankles flop forward as if preparing to dance for  ‘The Royal Ballet’.  For many reasons it… Read More

Knee Pain: A Complex Problem to Solve

It is not uncommon for a client to turn up at my door and state they have been told by friends, colleagues, team mates and sometimes other therapists that they have ‘Runners Knee’ and don’t know what to do about it.  ‘Jumpers… Read More

Power Tennis, the ‘Grunt’ and your Core

After a thrilling day at Wimbledon on Friday, my own little tennis ‘victory’ and some pretty tender ribs for the last week, I have been inspired to think about why my ribs hurt, why we ‘Grunt’ under pressure and how we can… Read More

Following the Foot Trail: Look Local, Think Global

Feet.  Something I avoided for years given a propensity to tickley feet myself and just simply blocking them from my mind.  It’s over the last 12-18 months that I have become OBSESSSED with feet.  They tell us so much about the story… Read More

Muscle Imbalance: The ‘Long’ and the ‘Short’ of it.

Ever had an ache, pain or strain that no matter how much you stretch it out doesn’t seem to disappear?  Well you certainly are not the first or even last person who has expressed this frustration to me followed quickly by ‘Can… Read More

The Experiment: Goodbye and Hello

I am sorry to hear that Carl Watts has decided to step down from the Experiment.  On the positive side though I am very glad to hear that he has decided to do so to spend more time with his family.  I… Read More

One Leg Longer than the Other?

Many clients come to me with this issue but it’s rarely because their leg is physically longer and it’s something we straighten up pretty quickly. This is a thoughtful article on the issue and might be a useful explanation for you: