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Your scars will have healed but perhaps it looks neat on the outside but feels numb, tight, restricted, or like it ‘catches you’. Does your scar feel good but you are struggling to get your core strong again. You may have returned to exercise but feel you are unable to engage your tummy muscles.

When scars heal they can leave behind restrictions, adhesion’s, numbness and tenderness not just on the scar but in the tissues in or around the scar. You only see the superficial scar but the healing goes far deeper than this and sometimes can lead to dysfunction in the core.

Soft Tissue Work to C-Section at 12 Weeks Post Partum

The C- Section Recovery Programme

In this programme we will use a combination of scar release work to get your abdominal tissues moving with greater ease and less restriction or pain. We will then work on integrating the breath with your core to re-awaken that natural synergy helping to keep those muscles on when you leave the treatment room.

This will be coupled with an easy to follow bespoke exercise programme to get your abdominals strong in movement and for the practicalities of being mum.

What is included:

This programme consists of an initial 90 minute session followed by 2 60 minute sessions 2 weeks apart. Your investment for this programme is £210.

Your bespoke programme will include:

  • In Depth Health Screening
  • Nutritional Advice on Maximising your healing
  • Take Home Self Massage Tool & Instructional Video
  • Bespoke Homecare Exercise Plan
  • All Home Exercise Kit Required
  • Advice on What Exercise Is Appropriate for You and When

This programme will help you reconnect with your core, get strong and learn to know what is right for your body. Lets get started!

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