The Experiment: Goodbye and Hello

I am sorry to hear that Carl Watts has decided to step down from the Experiment.  On the positive side though I am very glad to hear that he has decided to do so to spend more time with his family.  I completely believe in balance – in body and in life so this was the right thing to do.

‘ Apologies for the delay in this post
Carl spoke to me after Christmas and said that whilst he was striking the ball better than ever, he had been thinking over the Christmas period that he no longer felt he could commit to the experiment as he didn’t want to spend the time away from his children that competing again could lead to. As a father myself, I had brought this up at the start of our work together and always felt that this would be a problem and so we have brought to an end his experiment. Carl and myself remain good friends which is important to me.

As an aside to this I will continue blogging the progress of a couple of my other golf professional students and look forward to sharing this with you.’
Andy Traynor, Chingford Golf Club, PGA Professional

On another note, Andy has asked me to work with himself and a young golfer a view to getting him on Tour in 2 years time.  I am very excited to be part of this team and look forward to documenting our progress in the coming months.
You can follow Andy’s blog at and I will blog on the biomechanical aspects here.
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